Make higher-value strategic choices

Armed with the new found cash flow from corporate tax rate cuts, every business is faced with the decision of where best to invest those resources. The rub is those choices are fraught with complexity and uncertainty.


Collabria is dedicated to unlocking the value in your businesses or organization by developing clarity and consensus on the difficult choices you face.

Are emerging business opportunities not being pursued because of the conflicting views among key decision makers?

Are you considering many strategic directions, but not making any real commitments?

Do you understand quantitatively the risk that a new direction or venture will pose? Will that be part of the discussion in your executive team?



We resolve these challenges by providing a structured approach that will:

Develop a clearly-defined course of action that will be 50% - 100% more valuable than your current plan. This rate of improvement has been proven by hundreds of previous applications of our approach.

Respect the participants and allow their opinions and alternatives to be considered.

Explicity describe the range of action that your organization is really considering.

Quantitatively analyze the possible choices, and develop insight about how your organzation creates value.

Clarify and quantify the degree to which key risks interact with the decisions to be made.


There are numerous additional benefits that can result:

The quality of discussion and debate in your executiveteam will improve.

A deeper understanding of value creation can lead to new alternatives.

Trimming budgets can be based on an understanding of impact, not a blanket % across the organization.

Implementation of change becomes more successful and more profitable when key stakeholders all understand and agree.

The value of potential investments in data collection and market research can be quantified before that investment is made.

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