Why is shared learning the most important deliverable from a Collabria engangement?

In any organization, it is what the leadership understands in common that enables coordinated, effective implementation of a plan. Organizations don't have to be very large before specialization of skills and experiences create disparate views of how value gets created, and where resources should be allocated.

How is your approach different from a typical consulting engagement?

It is different for several reasons:

We use what is called a decision-back framework: we first focus on clarifying the problem to be solved and the meaningful alternatives before identifying the relevant information to be collected. Often, the most relevant information is not what is easily available, and expert assessments must suffice. This approach of making decisions based on the most relevant information, rather than the most conveniently-available or the best known information can lead to dramatically different conclusions.

The emphasis on most of our work is on learning how the organzation can create value. That shared learning allows strategy teams to create a recommended strategy based on that learning, rather than spending effort defending someone's pet alternative. This approach leads to solutions which are systematically higher in value and are supported by all involved.

Our explicit treatment of risk and uncertainty will enable your organization to understand if it has enough information to make a decision, and if not, how much it should be willing to invest to acquire that information. Further, understanding which risks are key to creating value can help focus mitigation efforts during implementation.