About Us

Collabria is a management consultancy whose primary expertise is in leading teams to develop high-value solutions to complex problems.

John Ogden, principal consultant of Collabria, has has extensive experience in leading cross-functional teams for strategy development, often in complex market and organizational situations.

John worked in the auto industry for over 15 years, at General Motors. In the final years at GM, John received his initial training in decision analysis, and consulted to numerous divisions within GM. John left GM to join Strategic Business Processes, Inc. in 1999, and has spent most of the last decade consulting to various divisions of IBM. John founded Collabria in 2006. John has an engineering degree from Kettering, and an MBA from Wharton.

John's varied experience has spanned information technology, transportation, communications, and non-profit sectors and the disciplines of marketing, sales, financing, business partnerships, product development, and services. John also maintains a network of highly-qualified colleagues who could be availalble to collaborate on specifc engagements.

Volker Pollmann, a frequent partner, has extensive experience in structuring the analysis of emerging growth opportunities.  He has led cross-functional teams in information technology, automotive, government and non-profit sectors. 

Volker also has a rich variety of professional experiences to draw from, having held a range of business planning and strategy development roles at General Motors, Wlison Sporting Goods, and Scientific Atlanta Corp. and the General Motors Corporation in . Volker received his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia Business School.

Collabria enables organizations to develop a shared understanding about value creation, and the actions required to capture it.