MeetingCollabria provides strategic decision-making coaching and analysis to organizations of all types. The format and schedule of these services can be highly variable, as they are tailored to the specific needs of each client. We provide a small team of experts who have deep skills in structuring and analyzing strategic decisions.

Our team does not replace the professionals in your organization, but instead provides leadership and guidance to make your staff more effective. The past experience of our experts in various industries or types of organizations may have some relevance to your challenge, but we do not presume to know more about your business than you do.

In a typical engagement we will provide:

The most important benefit to your organization will be the shared learning and understanding among your executive team.

Other important benefits to your organization will include:

The deliverables that are produced include:

The format of these services and the role of your experts can vary widely, depending upon your needs. They may include interviews, periodic group meetings, and/or fewer but more intensive workshops. You will have choices to make regarding the role and involvement of key members of your organization. Thoughout the work, we will provide expert advice and guidance, drawing from our years of experience in leading strategy teams.