Success Stories

Competitive Engagement Strategy
This large Information Technology firm has a very complex relationship with the many competitors who are also partners in the marketplace.  A range of distinct engagement alternatives were evaluated that reflected the competing agendas of the major divisions of the firm and the financial trade-offs among them.  When the recommended course of action was presented to the executive leadership, they were impressed that the major divisions were all already in agreement on this controversial topic.

Cross-sector Healthcare Market Strategy
Important aspects of the healthcare marketplace were being ignored because of organizational boundaries in this large firm.  A variety of product and service offerings were evaluated to understand their potential value and risk, in the context of a market that could transform quickly in the near future.

Joint Systems / Software Strategy
Three groups within a leading Information Technology provider agreed to collaborate to improve their market position.  Although the firm had recently introduced new products, it had not gained share vs. the market leader.  A variety of opinions remained regarding how to make serious inroads.  The range of strategies investigated emphasized technology leadership, low-cost position, and systems integration.  The selected strategy was selected based on an understanding of the importance of cross-selling within the firm’s broader product line, and market segments with distinct needs.

Divisional Product Portfolio Strategy
Following reorganization, each of two newly “related” divisions was interested in evaluating its existing product portfolio, and setting investment priorities for growth.  Distinct strategies were developed for each division to maximize growth and long-term profitability.  For one division, the natural boundary of its existing dominant market share made product diversification an important investment.  For the other, the continuing trend of customers sourcing integrated systems was a key to future growth.