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Being the Customer’s Advocate with Jeff Yeger: Customer Café Podcast

Collabria just launched a new podcast all about collaborative sales and customer success for YOU!

  • Account Managers 
  • Customer Success Managers 
  • SDRS 
  • BDRS 
  • Customer Facing Roles 

Each episode will offer new insights and perspectives about the many facets of the sales process, including internal challenges and opportunities and some of the best customer stories. Our aim is to keep you informed, keep you going, caffeinated (hence the title) and chuckling along with us. 

Sales have changed, and the changes are here to stay. Join Menachem Pritzker and Sharon Weiss-Greenberg, as we drink coffee and learn from collaborative leaders in sales, customer success and account management.   

Ready to get started? Customer Café by Collabria: Sales Collaboration Tips for Pros is available wherever you listen to podcasts. You can listen on Spotify, Apple, or you can click here to start listening now! 

Our first episode features Jeff Yeger, VP of Customer Success at PeerSpot, the leading Enterprise Tech reviews platform.  

Dying to know what a table saw has to do with customer success? Tune in! Jeff had plenty to share about building up team members in a collaborative (and fun!) way. Here are a few snippets to whet your appetite: 

  1. “Find a hobby!” No but really. Find a hobby. Balance physical and mental health through the purchase of a table saw. To learn a hobby you need patience, to invest time and money, research, tools, to watch and learn from others. These are all acts and behaviors that are transferrable to the workspace of a customer success employee. Yes, he still has all ten fingers. We verified. 
  1. “Make your most recent customer success training your best one.” Learn, develop, refine and grow. Never assume that you have the perfect secret formula to onboarding. You don’t. Yet. 
  1. “I am the customer’s advocate.” You want your company to succeed? Focus on the customer. Make sure that they are heard.” If they succeed, we as a company succeed.” 
  1. “If you hit your individual goal and your company doesn’t, you will struggle.” Encourage collaboration by creating situations where people are required to help each other, and let the beginnings of a supportive relationship and culture organically grow from there.  
  1. You NEED to pick the right team. You need to hire the right people. Must read book to get it right? “Who.” The book will help you ask the right question to “divulge the information you need to hire the right person.” 
  1. “If you are not doing CS right, CS is to sales as water is to oil.  If you got it right, it is like chocolate and peanut butter.”  

Maybe we should have started with that last quote! Please tune in and let us know what you think.  


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