Building RevGenius with Jared Robin: Customer Café Podcast

Jared Robin has a bio like no other. With over 15 years in sales and a wealth of experience helping SaaS companies grow, Jared has built RevGenius into a community of over 32,000 sales and marketing professionals.  

In this episode, Jared shares how RevGenius helps its members scale their careers and businesses through playbooks and free programming. He also shares the story of how RevGenius was founded and his top tip for success: staying calm and present, even in difficult situations.  

Tune in (on Spotify, Apple, or here) to learn more about RevGenius and how it can help you reach your full potential. 

Aha Moment? “When I discovered it might work!”  

He had been a part of many communities and understood the power and purpose of community. After being fired (one of his MANY times he was fired, wounds he wears as badges of honor), he joined some existing sales communities to network and find his next job.  

From a google spreadsheet a community was born. Jared left the idea of networking to land a job to create a community and business. All of a sudden, he had 3,000 community members! Then came another aha moment: “I realized I have to go all in or drop this, and I’ll be damned if I don’t go all in!” 

How do you maintain community and intimacy at scale?  

Create intimate programming for deep level connection. “Community is still a very nascent space. The tools don’t necessarily help you scale.” You need to know a lot more to be strategic to best activate members of your community.  

Regular engagement with community members is key. Without analytics, it is challenging to accomplish that. At scale you need a growth mindset to grow your community meaningfully.  

Sales has been traditionally labeled as cutthroat. How do you build community in that type of environment? 

“It’s ironic right? I think that the space has evolved as well. It’s not just the space…people are open to evolving. People realize the company that they are at now, the competitor they have today, literally may not be the same tomorrow. And learning from others is everything.”  

Competitors are now friends. They get it. They are learning and sharing. 

Do we have parity or equity in the field? How do we get there? 

Nope. “The roots of it are where VCs are giving money. The roots are in the hiring processes.” 

Pro tip when making your cold but ideally warm call?  

Create a presence in your community and on LinkedIn. It will matter when you pick up that phone.  

“Keep in mind that when you are reaching out to someone they want to learn from you.”  

Will dark social be big moving forward? 

Jared speaks about the possibility of getting data from places like Discord or Slack just like Facebook. Jared sees a huge opportunity here to develop tools and anticipates more engagement moving forward. “People will be going to dark social for leads. Dark social will be big. It will be even bigger because people are going to try to make it not dark.”  

Jared expains how people are using it now by scraping popular posts for leads.  

How do you define community?  

“People are realizing community is harder than you thought.” They realize it is a lot of work to get your ROI. So, they move to newsletters.  

If you want a community, you need to involve your audience. Otherwise, it’s just content. “A group of people bound together for a common goal that are helping one another improve in some form.”  

How do you caffeinate? 

Black coffee. Two large ones every morning. Tea used to be his preference. Jared is actually planning to cut out all caffeine at some point soon. Stay tuned…  

Secret Superpower? 

Learn how to stay “even keeled.” How do you do that? His dad introduced him to: The Four Agreements, The War of Art, The Presence Process

How do you push past your fear?

“Positivity is great and nice. But dealing with your fears gives you a fundamental shift in who you are, what you react to and your ceiling. Whether you realize it or not.” 

Jared meditates regularly and heartily follows The Presence Process to this day. Hard work, tears and integrating his fears “made it so I was less reactionary…less triggered.” He credits this superpower making it possible for him to increase his celling and have the capacity to nurture and grow the fastest growing sales community. He has done the process 6-7 times and employs it whenever he senses the need to “recalibrate.” 

We had been looking forward to speaking to Jared and sharing it with all of you to kick off 2023 with a bang!

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