CS is a Team Sport with Andrea Galvez: Customer Café Podcast

Andrea Galvez is the VP of Client Success & Membership at Financial Health Network and Brand Ambassador at RevGenius. In this episode we talked a lot about her role as Co-lead of RevAble, an inclusive space for rev professionals who have a chronic illness, a disability, or are neurodiverse.

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What is RevAble?

“We are a growing community inside of the RevGenius community.” (More about RevGenius and founder Jared Robin here.) RevGenius includes any and all departments and individuals who are a part of the customer journey, as sales can and should be collaborative in nature.

This is a niche space within that community exclusively for people who are either living with a disability or who are neurodiverse or allies.” Interested in joining? Y’all are invited.

Why is RevAble a big deal?

Andrea is a self-proclaimed proud chronic illness warrior. She shared during her leadership career, but earlier on was hesitant to share it. Andrea has been a part of support groups, but she had never been a part of a supportive group or space with others who are in the business of revenue.

RevAble brings together people who “get it” and can specifically relate to the challenges of sales.

RevAble helps me address the seeming contrast of that competitive drive with their lived realities. The challenges can be present on a daily basis, so RevAble offers a variety of ways to speak, offer advice and support each other. From their Slack channel to their weekly discussions, they are

What would change look like when it comes to diversity and the field of revenue and sales?

“Society is moving in the right direction. When I first entered the professional world I never would have shared that I have a disability. Now I’m on a podcast talking about it!”

Andrea doesn’t take the progress that has been made for granted. She hopes that the paradigm will continue to shift in the right direction.

“It will take work from everyone” to build inclusive workplaces and companies in the future.

How does CS collaborate at Financial Health Network?

“One of the things I love about being in CS is that it is like being the center of the universe. You literally touch every part of the organization.” If you are doing the job right, CS is involved from the very beginning and, obviously, ongoing.

CS team members should be empowered to go and speak to any department to get what they need to help customers. They should also share that information and knowledge to improve the system.

Is CS sales?

“I have a really strong opinion on this.” In her org, CS owns retention and upsells and cross sells. Andrea affirms that it is important for CS to “get credit” for the revenue streams that they are responsible for. “It justifies why we even exist and makes passionate customers and advocates.”

Should CS be judged on quotas?

“CS should have team sales goals, not individual goals. CS is a team sport.” CS is focused on growing the relationships of all customers, and the customer community, and that cannot happen in silos. CS needs to provide certain standards across the board to retain customers.

Working as a team ensures that CS team members can be assigned customers who can best meet their needs. Some CS are highly focused on retention while some are allotted customers who are well positioned for upselling.

How do you implement a team goal in sales?

Some companies do not have team quota goals because “it puts a lot of pressure on the leader.” Andrea spends a lot of time making sure that everyone likes each other, supports each other and gets along. If the team doesn’t get along, “sharing goals can get messy.”

The team comes together, calculators in hand, to determine the team goal.

How do you motivate all departments to go the extra mile?

Every month they choose one sale and do a deep dive into the many individuals and departments who played a role in closing a deal. Everyone wants to have that moment in the limelight where their teamwork shines.

Is remote work helping DEI?

Andrea shared research that recently came out.  Anecdotally, she has found that, “the flexibility of being at home is really supportive for a human that has a disability in my case. There are other considerations of DEI that can be hurt from being fully remote.”  

Andrea has found the experience to be positive. She would not take a job that required being in an office 5 days a week. Andrea finds having her teams working in different time zones to be helpful as it relates to teamwork and customer coverage. Flexibility outside of the traditional 9-5 work day also makes a difference in terms of DEI and parental responsibilities.

Who does Andrea read and learn from?

We loved how Andrea suggested books and newsletters! Sometimes you want a deep dive, and sometimes you need breadth that is timely.

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