Growing through Community with Yaalit Pereira: Customer Café Podcast

Yaalit Pereira is a mother, AE at Vidyard, and founder of SDRs of Israel.  

Early on in her career, she realized that she needed a community of people to learn from each other. She started a group called SDRs Israel where people can share their struggles and grow in their sales careers.  

In this episode, she talks about the importance of community and sharing stories, staying consistent, being a woman in sales, and plenty of coffee talk! 

What drove you to found SDRs of Israel? It came from a pain point. She took courses but saw a major gap in Israel when it came to community. At Vidyard she had the “team that she always dreamed of,” but felt bad that others didn’t have that supportive collaborative environment.  “It was a no brainer. It doesn’t have to be all about courses and money and how can we monetize it all the time.” Instead, she created a space and community for people to collaborate, sometimes commiserate, but ultimately support each other and the field.  

Did you have to kick yourself out of your own community? (Yaalit has moved on from being an SDR to being an AE.) 

Initially it was meant for SDRs, but others wanted in. “The more people that can get involved from different roles, the more you have to contribute. I encourage everyone to join.” Yaalit didn’t have others to lean on and paid for courses to get started in sales. She wants to make it easier for those following in her footsteps.  

“I thrive when I am in a community.” Yaalit wants others to thrive as well. Now SDRs of Israel clearly states that it is a collaborative community for SDRs, BDRs, and AEs based in Israel. 

How do you create a collaborative spirit outside of a single company? What does that look like? 

Asking and answering questions like: 

  • How can I find “x” person’s email? 
  • What do you think about this product? 
  • How can I better this cadence? 

Yaalit had a space to collaborate within her company but finds that building this spirit outside of the confines of her workspace exposes her to different ways of thinking and doing her work.  

What do you do when marketing switches things up? 

Communicate. Ask them why they changed the messaging. Meet with them to understand how conversation rates affected the layout, language or other changes on the website or marketing collateral.  

Goal setting challenges? 

“Staying consistent.” Knowing how to predict what is feasible from quarter to quarter.  

When do you decide to stop pushing a deal and call it quits?  

Firstly, it would be nice if everyone were direct and transparent and just respond saying that they are not interested and could choose to explain why ideally. But, Yaalit sometimes has to read the signals.  

“I use my emotional intelligence and decide when it’s time to say, ‘Yeah. It’s time to leave this deal alone.’” 

Relationship between caffeine and sales? 

“Coffee is important. It is a ritual thing. It is not a necessity.” Yaalit has a nice supply of cool mugs that lift her spirits. She times her coffee intake to maximize the social effect, during her team meetings, etc.  

Thoughts on women in sales? Do we have gender equity? 

Yaalit is a self-proclaimed outspoken professional. “I say what I want to say. I do what I want to do.” She feels fortunate to not feel barriers and is undeterred as a woman in tech and sales.  

“Where you work is more important than how much money you make.” Choose companies and workplaces that work for you and your lifestyle.  

Who do you listen to and learn from for professional development and then some? 

(Also follow Yaalit and SDRs of Israel!!!) 

How to implement work-life balance?  

Remove LinkedIn from your phone!  

“Normal gets you nowhere” is your Zoom background. Why?  

“If you want to stand out you have to be different!” 

Want more? You’ll have to tune in!  

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