Innovating Sales Strategies with Arnaud Renoux: Customer Café Podcast

Arnaud Renoux is an international businessman currently residing in Singapore with France and Germany having been important stops on his journey. He is the Co-Founder of Growth & Partnerships at Scalelist and The Scalelab. He’s also a Partner at Lemlist, a Startup Mentor at the Tech in Asia School and Founder Institute. He is certainly not a slacker! (Although he has a lot to say about Slack!)

We covered a lot of ground that could save you a lot of time while leading to a lot of growth. [You should be intrigued now.] 

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A few of the highlights are here:  

What is ScaleLab? 

ScaleLab is a lead generation agency. “Our objective is to help people with their first best impression in front of their prospects. Making outbound simple and to the point.” They get client leads. Create cold LinkedIn and email sequences personalized for their ICP (persona). “We help fill in the pipeline.” ScaleLab books qualified leads. Then the client steps in to close sales.  

What is ScaleList? 

“A software that can help you to extract your leads list from LinkedIn Sales Navigator enrich them and clean them automatically. It allows you to gain efficiency.” They had created this system and software for their own team and ScaleLab and decided to spread the love (and sell it!) 

What is ScaleSocial? 

“We haven’t even announced it yet. A LinkedIn company. We write LinkedIn posts on behalf of CEOs.” They already have clients, but they aren’t advertising. Want in? Go ahead and reach out! 

Don’t forget Slack! 

Arnaud’s companies find a lot of leads there! 

When you need all hands on deck, how do you do it?  

“It’s mainly me.” He interacts with his business partner and CTO, whenever there is a specific sale, especially a larger company, they collaborate. On bigger accounts, they collaborate primarily via email.  

What is it like being a mentor? 

“It’s interesting. Most of the people you mentor are where you were only three or four years ago, which is interesting.” He knows rookie mistakes, his own and his colleagues, etc, and he helps others avoid them. Those can easily be costly rookie mistakes.  

What are the biggest challenges new founders face? 

“Closing deals and making sure that they can meet with the right people who would be interested in what they are doing.” 

Major founder faux pas? 

“They keep pivoting. They keep changing their features. One major mistake that many do, they ship and make something and then it takes 2-3 months to build an MVP and only then realize that nobody is interested in. It happens a lot.” You need design partners. He suggests finding them in Slack. Ask questions. Validate problems. Post on LinkedIn and reach out to people.  

You can even fake a solution to a problem. “Post the fake solution before it exists and see how people react. If there is engagement, you can say that it will be available in a couple of months.” They’ve done this on Slack, LinkedIn and even cold calling.  

Don’t talk. Ask questions. 

“Know how to ask questions. Be the person who leads the sales conversation. But listen. I was that person who let the prospect lead the question and ease to the end of the call. Lead with questions. A good sales call is you asking questions, verify the answers, recap and summarize the answers during the conversation to make sure that you are on the same page. Always reframe the answers on the prospect so that you can take notes.” By laying out your conversation and rationalized line of thinking, you can lay out a personalized plan that makes sense. That came from them. “It takes practice. Sales is a sport. You need to practice and develop your skills. The more you listen the better it is. The less you talk the better it is. People think it is the opposite and get it wrong.” 

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