Intelligent Decision Making with Teasha Cable: Customer Café Podcast

Teasha Cable is a multi-faceted entrepreneur and businesswoman, with an impressive track record in leadership and personal development. As CEO and Co-Founder of CModel, she has spearheaded the growth of this innovative company, which empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to grow. In addition, Teasha is a respected Board Member of WECAN-Women Executive Channel Advisory Network, where she lends her expertise to support and elevate women in leadership positions. As a content creator, community host, and career coach, Teasha uses her platform to inspire and guide others to succeed in their professional and personal lives. Her unwavering commitment to empowering others has established her as a thought leader in the industry.  

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What is CModel? 

CModel is a decision intelligence company. “We provide DI for business leaders, CEOs and their teams, those who usually have some responsibility to the P&L report to the board. That’s usually the folks who we can help the most. We provide them with analysis and curated recommendations, something like Netflix, but for growth related decisions. We combine data and human knowledge to do that. We tell people what we really want to help them do is align their people, their processes, their technology and their culture to really support business growth.”  

How did you come up with the idea of CModel? 

For about 20 years Teasha sat in the seat of her current target client base. She was charged with providing data and information to CEOS, boards, etc. CEO said that while the information was interesting and well presented, they wanted the right data to help them make decisions about what to do next. Teasha as an individual was capable of doing what they wanted, but she wouldn’t be able to scale without training and growing her team drastically. That is when she learned about DI.  

So, what is DI? How does it work?  

Teasha learned about DI from Dr. Lorien Pratt, who currently serves as an advisor for CModel. “A company has outcomes. Outcomes are set to KPIs. KPIs then have a set of things that you measure and track stuff by. Then you need to see if you can actually achieve the outcome. Is the outcome achievable? This is how DI works. It helps you look at an outcome and determine whether or not it is achievable or attainable based on some set of resources that you have available.”  

CModel stands out from other businesses which only focus on data and do not or cannot incorporate humans. “We’re focused on the combination of data and human intelligence. The two must come together in order for this to work. You can’t get trust with just data. You can’t get the kind of alignment that we want you to have with just data. You need a place where a human can interpret information and make a decision. We put the information forth for example in a growth plan.” 

Want an example of how CModel comes into play? Jump to 7:00. Teasha explains how DI can influence a common challenge like cash flow and growth.  

So, does CModel help with identifying levers? 

Most companies know what levers exist. “CModel provides you with a space to test your hypothesis.” CModel creates a common language and dashboards with information that allows you to know how to act.  

CModel does not provide pretty graphs and charts. They provide useful information in a format that helps the customer. Business leaders need the highlights in a view that they can understand accompanied with curated recommendations. CModel allows you to easily play out scenarios like offering a discount, hiring staff, etc. to better understand and make an informed responsible decision about how to shorten your sales cycle, for example.  

What’s your gut got to do with it? 

Trust your gut. CModel informs your gut. You don’t just need numbers you; you need analysis. “Data alone is not everything. It requires human interpretation.” 

What is WECAN? 

WECAN (Women Executive Channel Advisory Network) helps get women in tech companies into leadership positions. Women are poorly represented in the field at all, and the numbers are even more bleak when it comes to leadership positions.  

Teasha has felt the pangs and overcome the challenges and hurdles of rising to leadership positions as a woman of color in tech. She affirms that more women should be in tech leadership positions. “It’s not a lack of skill. It is a lack of opportunity.” As a board member, Teasha volunteers to create and motivate said opportunities for women and especially for women of color.  

Can CModel help with DEI in regard to staffing?  

Yes. (Jump to 34:34 to learn how in detail!) 


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