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Process Makes Perfect with Ash Glenville: Customer Café Podcast

Today's guest Ash Glenville shares how her past experiences help her stand out at customer success within her organization Zesty. Ash shares the importance of cross-department collaboration and how an inadvertent r and d hackathon has changed her perspective on things.

How to Jumpstart a Stalled Deal

Feel like that deal is dead weight? With these tips and a great team, you can jumpstart that deal and let the good times roll.

Put Yourself in your Customers’ Shoes with Reesa Hinks: Customer Café Podcast

Once a successful fundraiser and now salesperson of the year in 2021, Reesa Hinks, Senior Director of Enterprise Sales at Gravyty, walks us through the parallels between those two fields.

Introducing Your Crystal Ball for Sales and Churn Notice

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Coachable, Consistent Sales with Simon Gerstler: Customer Café Podcast

From selling jewelry and custom-made suits out of the boot of his car to selling tech products Simon Gerstler, the CEO of Pipe Global, walks us through how he thinks sales funnels and the sales process has changed over the years. He talks about staying consistent and how to progress in your career in sales. Stay tuned for the end, where Simon shares his "who to follow list" and "books to read" list.

How to be Zoom Ready in 5 Minutes or Less

Last minute meetings will happen. Be prepared to join last minute like a pro.

Being the Customer’s Advocate with Jeff Yeger: Customer Café Podcast

For customer success to be successful, they need to be aligned and work closely with all other departments of the company. Jeff Yeger the VP of Customer Success at PeerSpot, shares how he helps his teams engage in cross-team collaboration. He also talks about his hiring process and that because he looks for certain soft skills, he can hire his team in a very creative way. Stay tuned for the end, where Jeff shares his "who to follow list" on Linkedin!

Managing Up From Your Desktop

How to effectively share ideas, close deals, burn the churn, and advance your career from the comfort of your office chair.