Sales Kenes Wrapped

Sales Kenes is an annual conference that brings together sales professionals from a variety of industries to learn about the latest trends and best practices in the field. Team Collabria was there in full swing in order to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and technologies in the industry. 

Our primary goal for going was to understand our users better. Our top tier product team sat down with real potential users and walked them through the app, getting valuable feedback from the field. 

One of the key features of Sales Kenes is its lineup of expert speakers. The conference featured top sales leaders from companies including Walnut,, Zencity, JFrog, and Cisco just to name a few, who share their insights and experiences on how to succeed in sales. Attendees could also choose from a variety of breakout sessions and workshops that covered a range of topics, including sales strategy, customer relationship management, and sales technology. 

Sales Kenes is a great place to network and learn from your peers. Since you may not have been able to attend, we handpicked attendees, including speakers and leaders in the field, to answer the three questions.  

The recession is here, but we want to sell. What challenges lay ahead in 2023 and how should we face them?  

Some themes that emerged include: 

  1. You’ve gotta get personal! 
  1. A clear need to stand out and cut through the noise! 
  1. There is a recession… 
  1. Layoffs can work to your advantage as a sales professional.  
  1. Need to focus on profit with a smaller budget. 

“I actually think it is great new for good salespeople…Those that know how to prospect are going to win…” Yoel Israel, CEO of WadiDigital felt strongly that the top 20% of salespeople will win big. He believes that 50% will leave. The remaining salespeople will “continue to be mediocre.”  

Want more on the themes above along with tips and fantastic soundbites. Watch!

Are you a fan of the lone wolf or wolf pack when it comes to sales?  

Full disclosure, there was a clear winner. But, their reasons for wanting to travel as a sales wolf pack varied a bit. The pack includes different departments in addition to your core team.  

Stay tuned to the end to hear from our talented Lone Wolf!  Watch here!

Do you need to have chutzpah in order to succeed in sales?  

We loved asking this question and equally loved the answers. What flavor of chutzpah works in sales? How do you calibrate it? According to Ashley Gerber BDR Team Lead at Zesty and Founder of ReferHer, “Everybody has chutzpah in their own way. You need it or you’ll get stomped on!” Eli Mandelbaum warned of coming off as “obnoxious” when it comes to your prospect’s chutzpah barometer. Watch now!

With its lineup of expert speakers, variety of educational sessions, and networking opportunities, it is a must-attend event for anyone looking to advance their career in sales. Hope to see you there next year! 

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